Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Kitchen Goals for 2012

Okay, so like most people I set some goals and resolutions for this new year. A few of them revolve around cooking. I thought I'd share those with you and hopefully you'll be seeing the success stories on Durfee Family Recipes!

1. I want to try at least 50 new recipes this year. This shouldn't be a problem, I made more than that last year, but I like having it in writing.

2. Can my homemade salsa. I've only ever canned with my grandma, and that was years and years ago. I love my homemade salsa recipe and I'd love to have it readily available. And a bonus would be the ability to have hot and mild salsa to suit both Nate's and my taste. Alisha is a pro at canning salsa, and hopefully she'll be my canning mentor!

3. Try some freezer meals. In the past I've been against making freezer meals, I just doubted that they could be as good as a freshly made dinner. However, I would love to have a meal or two in my freezer for those super busy days or those nights I just don't feel like cooking. Next week I'm making some spicy turkey meatballs including some to freeze. Anyone want to try some with me?

4. Find the perfect pizza crust recipe. We love pizza in our house, and I've made some really good recipes that I've shared on the blog, but I want that perfect recipe. I'm trying another recipe tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

5. Match my weekly menu to sales and coupons. I'm really good at planning a weekly menu, but I think I can save more money if I look at the sales and then plan my menu accordingly.

Alright there you have it! I think that all the goals are 100% achievable. I want to continue my passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and I think these goals will help me do that. Happy 2012! Do you have any cooking goals for the new year?

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