Friday, June 17, 2011

Katie's Baked Beans

Okay, I feel so dumb. I had no idea Nate even like baked beans until we had them one day at his parents' house. I think he ate three servings of these beans! I quickly put them on our dinner menu for this week and asked his mom for the recipe. I thought I would share Katie's email with all of you.

I basically took a pound of bacon and cut it into small pieces after chopping an onion and then I cooked them together while someone else opened ten cans of pork and beans. Then I dumped the bacon mixture into the crock pot that had been filled with the beans, Then I squirted in ketchup and mustard and then added brown sugar until they tasted sweet enough to me. That is the truth! Good luck with trying to salvage some sort of recipe from that! Basically do a lot of tasting! I'm sorry I'm not more precise. I watched my mom and that is how she cooked. I know it is crazy! Next time I will try to pay attention as see if I can come up with better measurements.

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