Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sauteed Corn and Bacon

My little brother came over this weekend and barbecued with my husband. They have both been wanting to try grilling beef ribs. We've made pork ribs several times, but never beef. Since they wanted a nice manly dinner of ribs, I made this sauteed corn and bacon, and some biscuits for them. I also added a salad, but they didn't eat any of that. So here is a side dish to accompany any manly dinner.

1/2 a small onion, chopped
3 slices bacon, diced
1/2 bag (8 oz.) frozen corn
2 green onions, sliced (optional)

In a skillet, cook the bacon until crisp. Drain on a paper towel-lined plate, and set aside. Remove all but about 1 Tbsp. of bacon grease from the pan. Cook the onions over medium-high heat until tender. Once cooked add the corn, salt and pepper, and the bacon and continue to cook until the corn is hot. Once finished, garnish with green onions and serve hot!

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

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